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Fandom Commerce

You local tradepost for HP gifts

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HP fic/art gift exchange - always accepting applications
Welcome to FandomCommerce! Your local trading post for Harry Potter related gifts. Anyone is welcome to apply and all accepted applicants will receive a wonderful gift from someone secret.

Info on the Current Round: 7
Application process: October 3rd - 16th, 2009
Round begins on: October 23rd, 2009
Finished gifts in by: December 23rd, 2009

General Rules & Regulations:
1. If you want to participate please apply, you will hear back from a mod very quickly. We are in no way elitist, anyone with any amount of experience is welcome to apply. However to ensure a good quality exchange, mods DO have the right to deny any application that they think might not be the best fit for the exchange. All applicants will be reviewed by what they write in their application, it's nothing personal. :)
2. All gifts must be finished and submitted by the deadline unless you have received an official extension.
3. All fics and artwork can be any rating you feel comfortable writing/drawing as long as it is within the comfort zone of the person who you are creating it for. Threesomes, foursomes, ships, no ships, genfic, fluff, darkfic, violence -- it's all more than allowable if your person is comfortable with it.
4. Remember, this is a secret gift exchange, so please do not post your work anywhere else or in your journal until after the list of Who-Had-Whom has been revealed here. It would also be polite if you didn't write a fic related to anything you've written previously or part of a work in progress. Identities of gift givers will be posted after the exchange is finished.
5. After each round of the exchange is done and the identity of who made what gift is revealed, everyone is free to repost their gift anywhere else (personal lj, fic or art comms, etc) as long as it is mentioned that it was done as a part of fandomcommerce and the username of whomever it was done for is included.

To apply, all of the following application must be properly filled out and sent to tehpadfoot@gmail.com. Please be as specific as possible in all categories. The more thought you put into your app the better for everyone.
About You
LJ username and real name:
Email address:
Are you a writer or artist or both?:
Please link to/attach any previous works to help us assess your skill level (if you do not have any previous work to show, please write a drabble as a writing sample or do a sketch):

About the Gift you GIVE
What is the highest rating you are comfortable writing/drawing?:
Do you prefer to pen character, romance, or plot-centric gifts?:
Are you comfortable/would you prefer to write/draw slash and/or femmeslash?:
Characters or pairings that you would prefer to write/draw:
Characters or pairings you do not want write/draw:
Specialties or favourite things to write/draw:
Themes, kinks, or squicks you do not want write/draw:

About the Gift you GET
Do you prefer to receive art or fic or do you hold a neutral preference?:
What is the highest rating you are comfortable receiving in your gift?:
Do you prefer to receive character, romance, or plot-centric gifts?:
Are you comfortable with/would you prefer slash and/or femmeslash?:
3-5 preferred characters/pairings:
Special elements, themes, settings, or preferences you enjoy:
Themes, squicks, or characters/pairings you do not want in your fic:

Anything else you'd like to add:

Be as specific as possible with your application. It will help the mods with the application process, it will help your gifter write more interesting stories or draw more interesting art AND it will help the mods to pair you with someone compatible. You must specify at least 3 different characters or pairings, so your benefactor can have some room to work.

It's VERY IMPORTANT that all gifts are turned in by deadline. If you need to drop out, let me know as soon as possible.If you need an extension, just talk to me! I need to know that you need one and aren't just blowing it off. I will not be angry and I'll always work with you, but you need to talk to me asap.
If you drop out, the gift made for you will go to the person you were supposed to gift for. Everyone who makes a gift, gets a gift. People who have to drop will NOT receive anything because they will not be able to give anything.

All fics/art must be sent to tehpadfoot@gmail.com so he posting can be done for you. This will keep it all secret until further notice.
Completed fic- send it in to tehpadfoot@gmail.com. Expected MINIMUM word count is 1000 words, below that is frowned upon because you have two months to write and 1000 words isn't excessive, but don't stress over word count and feel free to write as long as you want. I would prefer it if you could write lj html for things like italicizing right into your fic so I don't have to do it. I don’t have the time to reformat everyone’s stories. (< i >This is for italics < / i> , < b > this is for bold < / b> - you can look up anything else you want to use. )
Completed art- email as an attachment to tehpadfoot@gmail.com. Avoid putting in identifiable signatures on your work in order to maintain the secrecy.

Do not submit haikus, poetry, drabbles, doodles, song lyrics, or interpretive dances as a submission. Art/stories in comic form are more than welcome. Beta-readers and spellcheckers are your friends. All pieces must be spellchecked and copyedited before turning them in.

The following must be sent to me along with your finished gift:
Author/Artist: (to be removed before posting)
Recipient's LJ name:
Word Count/Media:
Prompt Chosen: (The prompt you picked from the table)
Authors/Artists notes: (if you would like to credit a beta, do so here, do not add in an extra section for them or it will be moved into the AN)

Layout credit: kill_brainz