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Title: Christmas in July
Recipient's LJ name: adieu_bebop
Rating: VERY PG.
Pairing(s): Not ~really~ any. But It's the Black brothers throughout.
Word Count: 1828
Warnings: May or may not be stilted. It makes sense to me though, but that may be mostly that I wrote it.
Prompt Chosen: My Lovely Burnt Brother and his Squashed Brain
Authors/Artists notes: The reference to the prompt is hardly noticeable, just passed through Christmas Memories. Sorry about that. OH YEAH. And there is a reference to sit70s like you kindofbutnotreally asked for!! Please like it. :|

Christmas in July

A note came for a R.A.B. in the early morning of July 25 calling for him to contact a S.O.B. as soon as possible. There were flecks of ink near the last initials. The slumber logged and dark haired boy assumed it was from the note writers laughter at the irony of his own name and it's initials.


The Recipient of the former letter arrived at the Sender's current place of living at 10:30 AM. He checked his watch and nodded. Perfect timing. Shortly after finding a quill and piece of parchment and rubbing the sleep from his eyes he replied to the wake-up letter. The letter following such told him to come as soon as one James Potter left for work.

So he had followed directions, trusting that he wasn't being led on some ridiculous journey. The only obstacle he had encountered was a house elf asking his master where he would be, when he would be back and what he would tell his parents. But that was easily remedied. A simple, "Not now, Kreacher," was a quick fix.

The young boy knocked twice on the door and looked around warily. Okay, so he was a little on the edge. Bad things have come of situations like this before, you know. But he didn't have to wait long for someone to answer.

"REGULUS!" The doorman shouted with a relieved look on his face. "You're here! I was beginning to worry you stood me up."

"Sirius, I'm right on time." He held up his wrist watch to prove it. He attributed the speedy answering to Sirius waiting to pounce near the door. "Can I come in?"

Sirius stepped aside right away. "Oh yeah, come in what ev--WAIT NO STOP DON'T MOVE." He held his hands up as a blockade.

Regulus sighed. He knew something was going to happen. "Why not, Sirius?" He wasn't enthusiastic with this question. He probably was here to help his 'older and favorite brother'' clean up this gigantic mess and now he was going to be warned about it and told to "be prepared for a heart attack, what with your heart feeble already." He tried not to roll his eyes as he waited and instead opted for a knowing and expectant look.

Sirius took a deep breath. "We," he gestured between he and himself, "are going Christmas and Christmas tree shopping." The youngest brother's jaw fell.


"We have to go now, turn around, you heard me."

"But it's July! Christmas isn't for six months! And I don't think 'Christmas in July' was ever meant to be taken literally." Regulus was looked at him, panicked. What the hell was his brother thinking?

"It was so! Why else would someone say it?!" Was the response he got from him. "There's almost no time, we must go NOW!" He pulled the door shut behind him and stepped around his little brother, but grabbing him by the arm in the process.

The rag-doll tried to resist, but in all honesty, Sirius was much stronger than him. "But Sirius," he almost whined, "this is a ridiculous idea, and there aren't even any Christmas trees for sale."

"That's fine! We'll Charlie Brown it!" This expression was lost on it's intended target. Sirius shook his head. "Never mind. Muggle movie Evans showed me. Ah, those Peanuts." Regulus remained bewildered.


Regulus was right about the trees.The shop was just a little short on Christmas trees this time of year. The only thing that wasn't scarce was Sirius' Christmas Spirit. That seemed in endless supply through the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon. Regulus almost hoped it would run out while they decorated--or tried to; with the options presented to the boys, a rose bush or hostas plants, it didn't look like any of them could hold an ornament. But then maybe that's what wands are for.

At the stores that day, they had picked up what ever presents they could find in the dollar store. James was getting four different coloured tooth brushes; Lily was getting a (hideous and probably too large) sweater with a gaudy Christmas tree on it. Regulus doubted she would wear it more than one day; Remus was getting a dictionary, the Bible, and a trashy romance novel; Peter was getting a "Kiss the Cook" apron for reasons unknown to the Youngest Black, and for the present from brother to brother the went off in secret to buy.

Regulus had learned after their depart from Sirius' house that his plan was to throw his friends a Surprise Christmas. The idea came to him in a dream, he said.


The arrived back at Sirius' shared house with James and Lily who were both out. Sirius had called in sick that day.

"We have to start immediately. You start wrapping, and I'll go get the decorations." He set down his bags and started to leave. Regulus stopped him with a revelation as he placed the hostas plant they had decided to go with in the corner.

"We didn't get any wrapping paper."

Oh. That was a bit of a problem. And they had used it all last year, too! "Um. Well. then help me."


Regulus kept pulling all the boxes labeled "CHRISTMAS" off the shelf while Sirius left to get more alcohol. His older brother was already slurring his words and falling into things, so Reg was getting more work done on his own anyway.

"Ah!" Dodged out of the way as a box slid off the shelf right to where Regulus' head had been a second ago. That was close.

"What jusss happens?" Sirius questioned when he returned to the room. The first thing he saw was his baby brother huddled in the corner and breathing heavily with a box and it's contents spilled on the floor. No one could miss that something had just happened. Or if they did, they were the most unobservant person ever. But even drunk, Sirius noticed.

When Reg caught his breath he told him. "Like a repeat of three years ago. When that shelf completely let loose and whacked you on the head."

Sirius rubbed his forehead in memory. "That wash painful." He winced and took in a sharp breath as if he felt it all over again looking at the box. "Concrushion and everythin'. Merlin, that hurt." Then he decided to change tactics. Get off the subject and no more thought about it. He leered at his brother. "So most of the bubbles are still whole. Ready to put them on the treeeee?"


The two brothers had their work cut out for them with that "Christmas tree". The ornaments working really going to hang on their own, so the boys, mostly Regulus, fastened them on with a little bit of spellwork. Most of the boxes were now empty, but that was only because Regulus had finally managed to convince his drunken brother that there was no more room and to take pity on the sagging plant. They had found some old news paper while they collected the decorations and used those to "wrap" the "gifts". As put together as at least one of them currently looked, that were Godawful as wrapping things, especially sweaters. After they were through, Regulus was allowed to finally use the loo. He ran off with a look of a lot of relief, but also a noticeable amount of wincing with each stride.


Regulus came back into the room and shook his head. His brother couldn't even keep his eyes open anymore. "Sirius, you're had too much," He said gently, pulling the bottle from his relaxed hand.

"But I'm not done," he protested, grabbing blindly to where he thought Regulus was. The 17 year old stepped away with ease.

"Ah, ah," he teased. "Try again tomorrow."


"Hey. Hey Reggie," Sirius murmured loudly from where he lay on the floor. Regulus grunted in response. He was starting to fall asleep in the chair. It was much more comfortable than the ones at home. "Do you rememem--NO!! Do you remember--yes, that's it--do you remember when we were little?" He stopped.

Regulus waited a full minute before urging on. "Yes?"

"Don't interrupt me, RUDE-OFF." Extra emphasis on the 'rude'. Another pause. Regulus sighed.

"Do you remember," Sirius continued, softer now. The sleep and drunkenness was getting to him again. "When we were kids, just little things, and I tried to floo?"

Regulus chuckled and nodded. "Yes, I remember."

Sirius' grin faded a little. "Why did I do that again?" His previously happy expression was now muddled with confusion.

The younger brother's smile also fell a little. "Mum and dad went out to buy Christmas presents. You didn't understand why you couldn't come along and you didn't intend on sticking around with Kreacher." The smiles returned. "You almost singed your eyebrows off!"

Sirius brought a lazy hand to his hair. "S'true. They haven't been the same since." He snorted/laughed. "Shoulda listened to you."

Regulus shook his head. "But of course you didn't. You're the older brother. Not to mention, you've always been stubborn with me."

"You hammock!" Shouted the aforementioned stubborn man. Surely that made sense in some way.


Later, after Lily and James came home and Remus and Peter came over and the gifts were given to their new owners, Sirius and Regulus were left alone. with a sigh from Reg, and a nearly sober muttering of Sirius, they plopped down on the couch. They had had a long day.

"Do you want you gift now?" Reg asked after yawning. He watched his brother nod and reach behind the couch for his present to Reg. Regulus pulled his gift for Sirius out of his pocket. In Sirius' hand was a gift they may have qualified for worse wrapping than his younger brother's. The latter chuckled. Then they exchanged.

Regulus found a spoon inside his mass of paper and looked at it, perplexed. Sirius pulled out a duckie key chain. They looked at each other, one all smiles, one confused as ever.

"For my motor bike?" Sirius asked, dangling the ornament near his ear. Regulus nodded then looked, yet again, questioningly at the silverware.

"Well," the older brother started explaining, "I've charmed it. I have one too." He pulled said object from his pocket. "And like, if you speak into it, we can talk. I mean, I know we don't see alot of each other now, what with you living with your parents, and going to school, and me living here and going to work. This is faster and more personal that owls, too. Try it."

And so he did. With skepticism lacing his voice, he tentatively said his brothers name at the spoon. Pulling it away from his face so he could peer at it, his brothers grinning face appeared. He looked to his left, and sure enough saw nearly the same image, only a profile view. "And we can talk?" He asked him. However, he didn't require an answer, for when he had asked, it sounded as though there were two R.A.B.s in the room. Very interesting. Very awesome. He smiled back at his brother, through the cheap silverware.

It was then that he decided he liked Christmas in July.
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